The Roomba 616 has a low profile, disc-shaped design with black and grey colour accents and a sense of futuristic style. When setting up the cleaning robot up and down the stairs, in particular, it is convenient to carry the gadget about because the grey arch that matches the design is actually a pullout handle.

Without any configuration required, the Roomba 616 begins vacuuming as soon as the ‘CLEAN’ button is pressed. The robot has a 3-Stage Cleaning System with two multi-surface brushes and an edge-sweeping brush that was created specifically for it. The Dual brushes use a special blend of agitation, brushing, and suction to remove all debris from your floor, no matter how big or small.

Roomba 616 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Important Roomba 616 Features:

Smart Sensors: The Roomba 616 can automatically navigate your home thanks to the presence of advanced sensors. The bot can adapt to the interior of your home and clean your floors and carpets thoroughly thanks to the iAdapt Navigation technology. The robot is protected from falling down stairs and other drop-offs by built-in cliff detection sensors.

The Roomba 616 automatically docks and recharges so it’s always ready for use. At the conclusion of a cleaning run or when the battery is running low, it can automatically return to its Home Base charging station to recharge.

Best in class suction: The AeroVac filter gives the robot the best in class suction, allowing it to remove all the dirt, debris, and pet hair that other cleaners would leave behind.

Dual Multi-Surface Brushes: To grab and remove dirt, dust, hair, and other bigger debris from your floors, use the two brushes—one to loosen dirt and the other to pick it up—in tandem.

Auto Adjusting Cleaning Head: The Dual Multi-Surface Brushes on the Roomba cleaning head can alter their height as they move from one type of floor to another, maintaining them in close contact with each surface as they clean carpets and hard floors including wood, tile, stone, and laminate.

Accessories with Roomba 616: The box comes with the following items in addition to the Roomba 616 Vacuum Cleaning Robot with Side Brush and AeroVacTM Bin:

  • Home BaseTM with built-in power supply
  • Flat cleaning tool, and an
  • iRobot® XLifeTM Extended Life Battery

The Roomba 616 has a 2-year (for the robot) and a 1-year (for the battery) guarantee. Purchase this clever robotic vacuum cleaner right away, and at the touch of a button, watch it take care of cleaning your home’s floors!

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