The Hyundai Verna has been launched in March 2020 in India. It costs around Rs 9.30 lakh to Rs 15.09 lakh. It is available with many advance features like tire pressure monitoring system, touchscreen infotainment system, rear disk brakes, semi-digital instrument cluster, etc.

What we likeWhat we don’t like
Comfortable RideLacks Space
Excellent FeaturesShort wireless charger tray

Hyundai Verna Overview

It comes with three types of engine that includes petrol, diesel, and turbo-petrol engines. It is a five-seater sedan. Also, it has a mileage of 17.7 km to 25 km. 


It comes with a dark chrome grille that adds up to its elegance. It also includes projector frog lamp that allows you to see better during foggy weather, and it also makes it look more premium. Also, it comes with a projector headlamp with unique positioning that provides it with a sporty look and also guarantees safety. 


It offers higher quality and space along with an elegant finish. It comes with a cooled glove box that you can use for storing your drinks and keeping them cool for a longer duration. The front seats are ventilated, which offers a better experience. In addition, it contains a smart electric sunroof. 

Safety features:

The Hyundai Verna comes with a laser-welded roof for additional safety. It includes airbags to reduce the risk in case of any emergency situation. It has telescopic and tilts steering wheel, adjustable height of the driving seat, ABS, automatic door locks, and so on. 


It has a single diesel engine and two petrol engines. The two petrol engines are around 1497 cc and 998 ccs whereas the diesel engine is around 1493 cc. The manual and automatic transmission are available with it. The mileage of the Verna varies according to the fuel type and variant.

Verna SPetrol9.3 Lakh
Verna S PlusDiesel10.65 Lakh
Verna SXPetrol10.7 Lakh
Verna SX IVTPetrol11.95 Lakh
Verna SX DieselDiesel12.05 Lakh
Verna SX OptPetrol12.59 Lakh
Verna SX AT DieselDiesel13.2 Lakh
Verna SX IVT OptPetrol13.84 Lakh
Verna SX Opt DieselDiesel13.94 Lakh
Verna SX Opt TurboPetrol13.99 Lakh
Verna SX Opt AT DieselDiesel15.09 Lakh


Hyundai Verna Competitors

Competitors of Hyundai Verna are Kia Sonet, Honda City, and Maruti Ciaz.


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